Here you will find some commonly asked questions posed by residents.  If you are in need of additional information or clarification, please contact us.

  • chevron_rightWhat is the amount of the HOA assessment?
    The current assessment is levied at $110.00 for every homeowner as of 1/1/2023.  Annual assessments are due in January of each calendar year and are the responsibility of every homeowner (if a rental property, it is not the responsibility of the renter to pay the annual assessment).  Late fees/interest apply for balances remaining after the delinquent period.  Collections on unpaid accounts begin in April.
  • chevron_rightHow do I pay my annual assessment?
    Invoices for yearly assessments will be billed in December of each calendar year.  As of August 1, 2022, all assessments will be billed and collected by Sterling Management Solutions.  Payment information will be made available on the assessment invoice or you can manually pay as listed below.
    To complete an online payment for assessments after 1/1/2023, please visit the following:
    Management Company ID: 4037
    Association ID: 0015
    Property Acct #: Located on your billing statement or visit the Account ID chart here
    If you have any questions about payments for Annual Assessments, please contact Sterling Management Solutions:
    Angie Dietrich - 314.287-0541
    Important Note:
    If you have a past due / prior balance on unpaid assessments, your account is in collections with a third-party and you will be unable to make a payment online via the Property Pay / CIT Bank website.  You must contact the following to make payment arrangements:
    Schwartz Vays
    800-875-9221 (M-F, 9a-5p EST)
  • chevron_rightWhat does my assessment cover?
    Our subdivision uses Sterling Management Solutions to do our assessment billing, collections, and lien placements.  The following is just some of the expenses covered by the assessment:
    • Administrative fees for billing, collections, and accounting charged by Sterling Management Solutions
    • Insurance that protects all 527 homeowners and trustees
      • Liability insurance for all common ground areas
      • Directors and Officers liability insurance
      • Fraud / Fidelity protections, worker's compensation insurance
    • Professional services 
      • Legal for Indenture enforcement, revisions, easements, etc.
      • Accountant for federal / state tax
    • Common Ground Maintenance
      • Lawncare of all common ground areas
      • Tree maintenance and removal in common ground areas
      • Entrance monuments, landscaping
    • Capital Improvement Projects
      • Erosion control, monuments, etc.
    • Other expenses such as mailings, website, etc.
    The assessment does not cover items maintained by the City of St. Peters  such as streets, utilities, curbs, sidewalks, streelights, etc.
  • chevron_rightWhat do the Trustees do for the subdivision?
    The position of Trustee (or Director) is a volunteer position and the Trustees spend a great deal of time working for the residents of the subdivision to help preserve the overall look, feel, and property values of Tanglewood.  This is a partial list of what your Trustees do:
    • Handle questions about the subdivision indentures and governance of the subdivision.
    • Resolve complaints related to the subdivision Governing Documents.
      • Investigate violations of the Governing Documents.
      • Provide info to homeowners on how to comply with the Governing Documents.
      • Approval of Architectural Requests.
    • Collaborate with the City of St. Peters regarding complaints for which St. Peters has jurisdiction (Ordinance Violations).
    • Plan and hold subdivision meetings.
    • Arrange for the billing and collection of Annual Assessments with Sterling Management Solutions and Schwart Vays.
    • Negotiate and execute contracts with vendors that supply goods/services to the subdivision.
    • Collaborate with the subdivision attorneys 
      • Collection of past due assessments
      • Execution of legal agreements
      • Revisions and enforcement of governing documents.
    • Provide information to real estate agents, title companies, and leasing companies.
    • Create and execute annual balanced budgets and long-term reserve account