Understanding Indentures

Understanding the Governance of Tanglewood Subdivision
The "Restated Declaration of Restrictions for Tanglewood and Bylaws of Tanglewood Residents Association II ("Declaration") and the Enforcement Program Rules and Regulations ("Rules") are the governing documents of the subdivision and the Association.  A copy of the Declaration and Rules are available by request from the Trustees or via the subdivision website.  Often times the Board of Directors hear from residents that they have never seen a copy of the or other Association documents and did not know that they existed.  While this is unfortunate, it does not relieve the resident (owner or renter) from adhering to the Indenture and other governing documents and policies.
The Declaration also provides the Association with the authority and responsibility to create and enforce various rules and regulations that are applicable to all members of the Association and their guests/tenants.
The following image is an excerpt of a General Warranty Deed for a Tanglewood address.  Notice the highlighted text box area.  What this means in simple terms is that the homeowner is responsible for understanding and adhering to the subdivision Governing Documents that are on file with the St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds.  The same text was included with the homeowner's Deed of Trust from the financial institution the handled the loan for the purchase of the property.  When the seller and homeowner closed on the property, the new homeowner should have been given a copy of the governing documents by the title company or real estate agent.
Understanding the Ordinances and Indenture
Many Tanglewood residents never have the need to familiarize themselves with the City of St. Peters code (ordinances) or the Declaration.  Any resident that maintains their home and property in a normal manner and does not build or change any structure(s) will probably never be in violation of either the ordinance or the Declaration.
In the event that there is ever a complaint against a resident, or if a resident has any question as to whether a violation might be occurring, there is no substitute for obtaining, reading, and understanding the Governing Documents or applicable city ordinances.
NOTE:  If you are a Tanglewood homeowner, but you are currently renting your property to tenants, it is your responsibility to make the tenants aware of the rules and restrictions of the subdivision.  Violations are the responsibility of the property owner.  Additionally, the yearly assessment fees are the sole responsibility of the legal property owner, not the renter/tenant.
Click here to view a copy of the Restated Declaration of Restrictions and Bylaws of Tanglewood
Click here to view a copy of the Enforcement Program and subdivision Rules and Regulations.
Click here to view a copy of the Leasing Restrictions of Tanglewood (Eff. 11/2022)
Click here to be taken to the City of St. Peters Municipal Code online.